Airline Approved Pet Carrier

An airline approved dog carrier will save a lot of hassle and time when taking you pet on an airline.

Airline approved pet carriers to meet the airline requirements for pet travel in the cabin and underseat or in the cargo area.

Carry your pet with you safely with an airline approved pet carrier. The pet and pet carrier combined should not weigh more than twenty pounds for in cabin travel and the carrier should fit under the seat. Small pet carriers that are soft sided will fit under the seat if not more than 11 inches high and hard sided carriers should not be more than 7.5" high. You must check with the airline you are flying for their specific requirements for pet travel carriers on that airline.

Make sure you know all the accessories required for airline pet travel and the feeding and watering of your pet.

Airline approved pet carriers come in many styles and materials. A larger dog traveling in the cargo area must have a hard plastic dog travel crate that can be tied down and is of good quality.

Look at all the stylish and colorful pet carriers as well as the strong and durable plastic pet carriers.