Airline Pet Travel Kit

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1.25 LBS

It is essential that you prepare very well and develop a good travel plan before you travel with your dog. You must contact your airline for how they care for your pet, what criteria and restrictions apply and have a contact person with the airline.

Airline Pet Travel Kit will provide you with all the accessories you need for a safe and comfortable trip for your pet in the airline cargo area.

Once you have a good quality plastic airline approved travel crate, then you need to make sure it is as secure and safe as you can make it. This kit will provide you with all the necessities. Mark your crate with two live animal stickers, an ID tag where you fill in your pets information and your cell phone contact information and a shipping identification sticker for your destination. Zip ties are necessary to make sure you kennel door is secure, and if the kennel has zip tie holes to secure the crate. Many airlines require metal nuts/bolts to hold together the top and bottom of the crate instead of the plastic nuts/bolts or pegs that come standard on most plastic pet crates.

This kit contains metal (5) 1 1/4 inch bolts, (5) 1 3/4 inch bolts, a 1 inch bolt, 12 washers, and 12 nuts. Also includes 12 zip ties, a spill resistant food and water cup and an absorbent disposable kennel floor pad that can be cut down to fit any size crate. The food and water cup fits onto the wire crate door to make traveling with you pet easy and safe.