Dog Travel Tips for Road Trips

Jan 26th 2019

When you travel with your dog you must plan ahead and make a list of what you need to bring. When you travel by car the dog must be restrained to prevent accidents. Do not let your dog put their head … read more

Dog Training Confusion

Oct 30th 2018

When you train your dog, it is important that you do not confuse your dog. Each word you use to train your dog like sit , down, heel, stay and come must be used precisely and said only once. If you sa … read more

Good Dog Nutrition is Vitally Important

Aug 7th 2018

How and what we feed our dogs is generating much discussion today. There has been an increase in various dog diseases in recent years. Cancer in dogs has become a big concern as well as diabetes and j … read more

Owning A Dog Provides Health Benefits

Jun 22nd 2018

Owning a dog can bring great enjoyment to it's owners as well as health benefits. There have been several studies that show living with a dog can improve your physical, mental and emotional health. On … read more