Dog Training Confusion

Oct 30th 2018

When you train your dog, it is important that you do not confuse your dog. Each word you use to train your dog like sit , down, heel, stay and come must be used precisely and said only once. If you say down, down, down then your dog will think that she should not lay down until you said down three times, so say the word once, with a hand signal, then use a reward in you hand in a downward motion to have you dog lay down.

Same way with the command come. If you have your dog outside and want to teach him to come you must use a long leash, about 15 feet. With the dog on the lease, say the dogs name and then say come, with a hand signal, and gently pull on the leash to pull the dog to you and then reward the dog with food and petting. Do not say come over and over, because, again the dog will become confused and think that the command must be said multiple times to mean anything.

When teaching your dog to heal, use a short leash, about 30 inches in length, to walk your dog by your side. Say the dog's name and the command heal, and start to walk but keep the dog close by you side with the short leash and reward the dog for staying close to you.

Another problem is a dog that loves to jump up on people to get their attention. Do not give a dog any attention if they jump on you and especially do not pet them when they jump up. Again this will confuse the dog if you pet them because they will think they are getting rewarded by jumping. Only pet a dog when they are sitting or lying down or standing and all four feet on the ground and ignore or turn your back when a dog jumps.

Always reward your dog for positive actions, the reward needs to be immediate for the dog to associate the reward with the behavior. Rewarding your pet with food and petting will help to socialize your dog and so your dog will expect a happy environment. So ignore bad behavior and try not to punish the dog when he misbehaves.