Contour Double Door Dog Crates

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9.00 LBS

Collapsible Double Door Dog Crates are such a convenient dog crate with easy set up and easy folding down.  Double Doors makes it easy to place the crate anywhere in the house without blocking the door. This collapsible wire car dog crate with double doors also makes it easy put the crate in the back of an SUV and still have access to a door to let you dog in when you travel.

The durable LapLock door technology on both doors make this dog crate a safe and secure dog crate to protect your precious friend. The divider panel makes the dog crate a comfortable puppy training crate.

Along with the protective rubber feet and the easy to clean plastic pan you have a dog crate that delivers outstanding performance throughout the life of your precious dog.

Buy a crate size based on the approximate adult weight of you dog as follows:

The largest dimension listed in crate size is the length (or depth) of the crate, the first size listed. The length determines the size of an adult dog that the crate will hold approximately as follows:

Dog Size                                 Adult Dog Weight     Crate Length

Extra small dog                     Up to 11 lbs.              22"X13"X"X16"

Small Dog                               11 – 25 lbs.                24”X18"X19"

Medium Dog                          26 – 40 lbs.                30”X19"X21"

Medium-Large Dog               41 – 70 lbs.                36”X23"X25"

Large Dog                                71 – 90 lbs.                42”X28X30"

Extra Large Dog                      91 – 110 lbs.              48”X30"X33"

Also go to Dog Crate Size Needed page on this site for how to measure your dog for the correct crate size.

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