Dog Crate Furniture

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46.00 LBS

Dog Crate Furniture - If you are looking for a dog crate that is also a fine furniture dog crate end table than this is the one for you.

Wooden dog crates are a popular choice for a home within a home. A comfortable home for your dog and an elegant piece of furniture for your home.

This wood dog crate has all the features you are looking for. Choose from a fine finish of Mahogany or Espresso that will enhance your home decor. The dog crate end table is made of Rubberwood, which is an environmentally friendly hardwood.

The dog crate table has a door that can swing inside the crate to keep it out of the way and from touching other furniture. Another unique feature of this dog crate furniture is that there is a clear security panel on the inside of the dog crate door that will prevent a dog from chewing on the vertical bars. This is great for puppy training as when the puppy grows out of the chewing phase and learns not chew on the furniture, the panel can be removed. Of course dogs that are active chewers would not be suitable for a furniture dog crate. This decorative dog crate also comes with a Melamine covered MDF floor that is easy to clean and waterproof.

The dog crate end table has a strong attractive latch and has a 360 degree field of vision for the dog which also provides excellent ventilation. It is a durable dog crate made with Mortise and Tenon construction for strength and durability.

Upgrade your dog's home and your home with this fine dog crate furniture end table provided by Crown Pet Products. Comes in two colors, Mahogany or Espresso and two sizes.

Medium size is 29.7" length by 21" wide by 24.2" high for medium dogs up to 40 pounds.

Large size is 39.6" length by 26" wide by 27.31" high for larger dogs up to 80 pounds.

Always measure your dog as instructed by the Dog Crate Size Needed tab.