Dog Crate Pads

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Dog Crate Pads provide the comfort and versatility to fit inside a dog crate or also perform as as dog bed or dog mattress. This crate pad will make your dog's home comfortable and cozy whether your have a small dog or an extra large dog.

The QuieTime Defender Reversible Crate Pad is another quality product from Midwest Homes for Pets. The dog pad is a soft cushioned crate pad that resists stains and dirt and will keep looking clean and fresher longer. The reversible crate pad has Teflon fabric protector on one side to make it water resistant and acts like a crate mat. On the other side is a soft, comfortable fleece material that your furry companion will love like a dog bed.

The cover is removable to make it easy to clean. Choose from two colors, Grey or Brown. The dog crate pad comes in the five sizes. For dog crate use, the length of the pad (the first dimension listed) should not be longer than the length of your dog crate and width is the second dimension.

Small dog size - 24"X18"X2"

Medium dog size - 30"X21"X2"

Medium-Large dog size - 36"X24"X2"

Large dog size - 42"X29"X2"

Extra large dog size - 48"X31"X2"