Dog Crates and Kennels

Dog Crates and Kennels

Provide a comfortable den for your dog with our premium dog crates that will keep her safe and secure while protecting your home.

Large dog crates, medium dog crates or small dog crates that will keep your dog safe and secure. We offer only high quality dog crates, dog kennels, dog playpens and dog beds.

Choose your dog crate size based on the adult dog size. Some dog crates use crate divider panels to train your puppy and expand the crate as the dog gets larger. Many dog crates are portable and collapsible that will fold and can be used as dog carriers. Most dog crates are indoor and outdoor dog crates. Choose from wire dog crates, soft and cloth dog crates and plastic dog kennels and dog travel crates and carriers. Our dog crates are high quality and easy to open and close. Your pet will love having its own space and will feel secure and comfortable. A dog crate makes life easier for you and your pup. Crate training a dog is very important so your pet will always have their own safe den to go to feel secure. Gradually get your dog use to the crate by making it a happy place with toys and treats to make them want to go in.

Make sure you choose the right size crate based approximately on the adult dog weight and size. Dogs should be able to stand up, turn around and sit down comfortable in their dog crate.

The dog's leash and collar should be removed for their safety.