Contour Dog Crate

Wire dog crates are convenient and durable and the single door and double door Contour dog crates are the latest design from MidWest Homes for quality dog crates.

Contour dog crates come in sizes to fit small to large size dogs. If safety and performance from a dog crate are important to you then a Contour dog crate is what you need. This dog crate features the exclusive LapLock Technology, that gives added protection to the door opening so if you have an active dog she will stay protected. The included divider panel adjusts the living space as your dog grows bigger and makes a perfect tool for housebreaking and puppy training. The LapLock Technology has multiple lock points on the perimeter of the door and combined with safe and easy-to-use slide-bolt latch provides added security. The foldable dog crate sets up in seconds and folds down flat for storage. The durable, leak-proof plastic pan can be removed for cleaning. Enjoy the latest technology in dog crates that will provide years of comfort and safety for your dog.