Wire Dog Crates

Wire Dog Crates are easy to assemble, easy to fold down and carry. Double door crates can be used anywhere in the house or put the the back end of an SUV for travel.

Wire dog crates come in large, medium and small dog crate sizes. From large breeds to toy dogs a dog crate can create a sense of security and protection for your dog.

Wire dog crates are safe, convenient and collapsible so they will fold down to easily move the dog crate or travel. Wire dog crates come with single and double doors so the crate can be conveniently located wherever you want. Wire dog crates come with a plastic pan that can be easily cleaned. Crate divider panels are a great way to potty train you puppy by making the crate space small at first and then expand as the puppy grows and is housebroken. A wire dog crate can be easily moved at night to you sleeping area to give your puppy a sense of security by being able to hear and smell you at night. It will also be easier for you to know when to walk your puppy at night.

Midwest Homes for Pets dog crates have strong and convenient door locks, washable plastic pan, panel divider, convenient carry handles and are attractive as well providing great protection for your dog.