OVATION DOG CRATE WITH UP & AWAY DOOR is an an innovative design from, Midwest Homes For Pets, that is a truly remarkable space-saving dog crate. The door slides up and then rests on top of the crate so the door is out of the way. No longer will you have to deal with a door that swings out and bumps into a wall or furniture.

The single door crate offers many outstanding features that add to the performance and appearance of the dog crate.

To open the door, simply grab its comfort-grip handle, lift the door, and lay it on top of the crate, elimination the space required for a hinged swing-out door. To close the door, lift it from the top of the crate and release the safety catch while lowering the door until it’s shut.

OVATION DOG CRATE WITH UP & AWAY DOOR gives you the safety, performance, comfort and durability that will make your dog happy in his new home.

For dog's safety it is recommended that the dog's leash and collar be removed while in the crate.