Dog Exercise Pen With Door

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21.00 LBS

Dog Exercise Pen With Door makes it easy for your dog to move around and get the exercise she needs.

This beautiful dog playpen comes with a durable black finish and is easy to fold, carry and set up. No tools required. Provide your dog with a safe and comfortable exercise playpen where they can play with toys and exercise their muscles. Walk-thru door makes it easy for your pet to enter and exit the dog playpen with the secure double latch door. This dog pen makes a great outdoor dog house or dog kennel and has space for large dogs or multiple dogs.

Great dog pen for dogs to play and to introduce other dogs to your dog. While your dog is safe in the playpen introduce other dogs around the playpen and when they get used to each other then you can take your dog out of the playpen to socialize with the other dogs. Use as an indoor or outdoor dog pen. Dog pen comes with eight (8) ground anchors for outdoor use. This portable exercise pen is made by Midwest Homes For Pets. Works with your dog crate for added playtime and safety.

Dog exercise pens have eight (8) panels and come in 5 height sizes as follows:

24"X24" for small dogs

24"X30" for medium size dogs

24"X36" for medium-large dogs

24"X42" for large dogs

24"X48" for extra large dogs