Dog Playpen and Gate - Super Wide

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26.00 LBS

Use as a super wide gate or as a heavy duty dog playpen.

Dog Playpen and Gate. Super wide 2-in-1 dog pen.

The dog gate can fit openings up to 144" (12 Ft.) wide and has two doors for convenience access for both your dog and for you. A small dog door (10"X7") lets your small dog or puppy in and out and the large 16” wide door opening provides pass through for you and your dog by simply releasing the safety lock and lifting up on the handle.

Comes with six removable 28" high by 24” wide panels, arranged in an accordion style shape, that allow the gate to be configure into a dog play yard. This dog pen is made by Carlson Pet Products and has all steel construction that is sturdy, durable and will protect your pet and your house. Gate can be wall mounted and the dog playpen is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

When you take your pen down, the dog pen is lightweight, portable and folds accordion style to stow compactly.

Comes in beige and includes:

  • One 2-in-1 Super Wide Pet Playpen and Gate
  • Instruction Manual
  • Eight Screws
  • Four Wall Mount Brackets