Folding Cute Pet Crate

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5.46 LBS

This cute soft sided dog crate is wonderful to protect your pet at home or when you travel.  Convenient to carry and easy to set up an fold down but strong enough to protect.

Folding Cute Pet Crate that is a fancy pet crate with striking navy and brown colors and polka dots.

This is a cute pet crate but also made with durable ballistic nylon fabric and scratch resistance sherpa nylon padding. The padding also comes with Thinsulate thermal heat retention quality. Plenty of visibility and ventilation with mesh fabric on all sides and top opening.

This soft sided pet crate has a strong PVC frame and can fit pets from extra small to large. Collapses to a 4" folded height with easy to carry handle strap.

Cute polka dots yet definitely powerful and convenient pet protection with a built in lease holder. This is a quality pet crate that is stronger than many other soft travel crates. Made by Pet Life and comes in five sizes. Length, Width and Height are as follows:

Extra small - 19.3"X13.4"X13.4" for extra small pets up to 11 pounds

Small - 22.8"X15.7"X15.7" for small pets up to 24 pounds

Medium -  27.5"X20.5"X20.5" for medium pets up to 39 pounds

Large - 31.9"X22.8"X22.8" for intermediate pets up to 69 pounds

Extra large - 35.8"X24.8"X24.8" for large pets up to 89 pounds