Large Dog Crate Heavy Duty

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40.00 LBS

Large Dog Crate Heavy Duty can be used for high-anxiety dogs and escape artists. Made in the USA to be extra strong to protect and keep safe these special dogs.

Composure Crates makes the ultimate heavy duty and strong dog crate that is all metal with no sharp corners or edges to safely protect your dog that suffers from separation anxiety or noise and weather frightened dog.

Ultra strong aluminum dog crate with 1" bars and 2" airspace between the bars for good ventilation. The 1" bars are much larger and stronger than other heavy duty dog crates. The propriety drive screw design that holds the crate together is much stronger than welds or other type of screws.

When you worry about your anxious dog hurting himself tying to escape and then causing household damage or destroying the crate, than you need to have the best crate especially designed to protect your precious dog from injury.

These dog crates have a solid sliding door that is nearly full height of the crate so your dog does not hit her head or scrape her back while entering the crate. It makes it easy for your dog to enter without stepping up or bending down. The side entrance also make it easy to carry your dog in the back of an SUV if you need to travel with this heavy duty dog crate. The front door model may fit in your house better but is 3" shorter in length. The sliding door is hingeless and secured with a locking pin that comes with the crate or using a padlock, and the door stays out of the way and does not bump into things like a swinging door does. The door is solid aluminum so it provides some privacy but also the dog will be able to see out from all sides to see you and therefore be less anxious.

 Be sure to follow the Humane Society's Crate Training 101 to help your dog to learn to love her crate and keep herself safe. If you have an aggressive chewer make sure you have chews and toys inside the crate to help with the chewing.

The Composure Crates come fully assembled which saves you time not having to assemble the crate. Being fully assembled means it is larger to ship so it is more expensive to ship but the cost of the crate already includes the shipping. The crates are powder coated the color fawn brown. The side door and front door crates come in three sizes:

How To Order The Right Size Dog Crate

The length of a crate is the longest dimension use it to know how big of an adult dog that the crate will hold. Use the following approximate guidelines:

Dog Size                                 Adult Dog Weight      Crate Size     L X W X H

Medium Dog                            41 – 70 lbs.               Side Door   36”X21"X24"

     Like Basset Hounds                                             Front Door  33"X21"X24"

Large Dog                               71 – 90 lbs.                  Side Door    42”X24"X29"

      Like Retrievers or German Shepard                Front Door   39"X24"X29"

Extra Large Dog                     91 – 110 lbs.                 Side Door    48”X27"X34"

      Like Bloodhounds                                                 Front Door  45"X27"X34"

Measuring your dog will help determine the crate size needed.

To find the size your dog needs, measure the dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and add 4” more to determine the correct length of the crate needed.

To determine the height of the crate needed, when the dog is sitting, measure from the floor to the top of the dog’s head and add 4” more. If you get the right length and height of a crate you do not need to worry about measuring for the width of a dog.

Make sure the crate will allow the adult dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably for a safe and happy home.