LifeStages Double Door Dog Crate

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20.00 LBS

LifeStages Double Door Dog Crate are strudy dog crates that can fit anywhere in the house or in your SUV car.

The double doors on the dog crate make it easy for your dog to enter the dog crate wherever you place the dog crate in your house. The dog crate also makes it easy to transport your dog. The foldable dog crate is collapsible. comes with a plastic carry handle and can be taken down and set up in seconds. Carry it to your car and set it up in the back of your SUV for safe and secure transport of your pet.

LifeStages dog crates are designed to be a strong metal dog crate that will last for the lifetime of your precious furry friend. The divider panel makes housebreaking a puppy easier because the puppy will not want to soil in the smaller space that she considers her den. Adjust the divider panel as the dog grows until your companion is full grown and utilizes the entire dog crate.

The LifeStages Double Door Dog Crate comes in five sizes from small to extra large:

Dog Size                                 Adult Dog Weight     Dog Crate Size

Small Dog                              Up to 25 lbs.               24”X18"X21"

Medium Dog                         26 – 40 lbs.               30”X21"X24

Medium-Large Dog              41 – 70 lbs.               36”X24"X27

Large Dog                               71 – 90 lbs.               42”X28"X31"

Extra Large Dog                     91 – 115 lbs.             48”X30"X33"