LifeStages Wire Dog Crate

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11.00 LBS

LifeStages Wire Dog Crate - Single Door dog crate with sizes from toy dog to extra large dog.

These metal dog crates are both strong and portable. Great training crate with the adjustable divider panel to keep the dog kennel the right size as the dog grows so she will not soil her home because the crate area is too big.

This strong, heavy duty metal dog crate is very durable and will last the lifetime of your best friend and will provide a home for the dog to rest and relax and to keep both your dog and your home safe.

The LifeStages Single Door Dog Crate comes in black and can choose from six sizes.

Extra Small Dog or Toy Dog - 22"X13"X16" for dogs up to 12 lbs.

Small Dog - 24"X18"X21" for dogs from 13 lbs to 26 lbs.

Medium Dog - 30"X21"X24" for dogs from 27 lbs. to 40 lbs.

Medium-Large Dog - 36"X24"X27" for dogs from 41 lbs. to 70 lbs.

Large Dog - 42"X28"X31" for dogs from 71 lbs. to 90 lbs.

Extra Large Dog - 48"X30"X33" for dogs from 91 lbs. to 115 lbs.