Pet Carrier With Wheels

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4.90 LBS

Pet Carrier with Wheels - carry your small pet with ease with this tough easy roller pet carrier.

This pet carrier has a hard shelled outer exterior with a softer but tough inner exterior layer. Protect your pet from the bumps and bruises of traveling with this tough and durable rolling pet carrier. Very attractive pet carrier that comes in three colors. Easy rolling wheels on the trolley that will travel over both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Extendable handle bar will protect your back from bending down and the rolling wheels lighten the load.

Has top and front mesh zippered openings. Also comes with an over the shoulder strap to carry without the trolley and a lease holder inside for added security for you pet. The pet carrier colllapses to 3" thick as the two outer layers fold together and zippers up.

This attractive pet carrier with wheels is made by Pet Life and comes in three colors, Black, Purple and Red.

Measures length of 17.8", Width of 11.1" and Height of 13.7".