Plastic Airline Dog Kennel

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12.33 LBS

A quality plastic dog travel kennel that is strong and will hold up to wear and tear as well as portable for travel use or inside the house.

Plastic Airline Dog Kennel is a strong and heavy duty dog crate to protect your small or large pet while traveling or just being able to move the dog kennel around the house.

This plastic dog kennel is approved for most airline travel requirements and has tie down strap holes on the sides for zip-tie installation to secure the kennel in the airline cargo area. Make sure to check with your airline to make sure your dog and carrier meet all travel requirements.

This is a quality travel dog kennel that will give you peace of mind that your dog is comfortable and safe during the trip. Ideal durable crate for both small dogs and large dogs and will hold up well even with aggressive dogs. This plastic dog crate has plenty of ventilation and the interior of the kennel is designed to keep your dog dry, with an interior moat, if she has a accident. Easy to assemble without tools and has a secure but easy to open latch.

Whether you use this plastic airline dog kennel for travel or for puppy training your dog will have a home that will provide a lifetime of protection for your dog.

The kennel is made by Petmate and comes in the color Taupe/Black. The plastic is made in the USA, other parts are imported.

Make sure you buy the correct size dog kennel based your dog's length or on the adult weight of your dog breed.

Small - 28"X25.5"X21.5" for dogs from 20 pounds to 29 pounds.

Medium - 32"X22.5"X24" for dogs from 30 pounds to 49 pounds

Intermediate - 36"X25"X27" for dogs from 50 pounds to 69 pounds

Large - 40"X27"X30" for dogs from 70 pounds to 90 pounds